Somewhere, Someone is Looking For What You Have to Offer!

I remember interviewing for a job I really wanted and knew I could do, where the recruiter and hiring manager KEPT asking me why I had 2 jobs in 3 years.

I was honest and told them why I decided to move on from each company each time they asked. I offered references from both previous managers and co-workers to vouch for my work, but it didn’t make them any more comfortable.

I didn’t get the job because they viewed my work history as “unstable” and they were looking for someone that had longevity.

I was so frustrated. How could I change what happened, I told them the truth, I offered references, but they wanted someone who was "loyal to an organization" over someone who had the skills and talent to do the job.

This pushed me even further to keep going. I interviewed about a month later with a different company. I’m not going to lie; I was nervous because I didn’t want to hear the same thing and get my hopes up to be let down again. But, this time was different. The hiring manager actually saw my experience as an ASSET. She mentioned that she could use someone that had different industry experience to add fresh new perspectives on current processes.

Y’all, I could have cried right then and there. After being rejected, you feel so defeated and the anxiety that others won’t see you the way you see you is real! I’m here to tell you, that there are people and companies who will see you and the value you bring.

So don’t give up, stay confident in your abilities and the right opportunity will come along. . . . #TheEmployeeHandbook #careeradvice #careertips #careercoach #careerconsultant #careerinfluencer #resumewriter #resumetips #resumeadvice #interview #interviewtips #interviewadvice #inteviewcoach #indeed #linkedin #intentional #happy #greenvillesc #yeahthatgreenville #spartanburgsc #onespartanburg


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